Published January 20, 2023 by Kira Johnson

7 Non-Alcoholic RTD Cocktails that ACTUALLY Taste Good

Growing older means that we are free to make our own choices– some of which we regret when we wake up at 1 p.m. with a hangover that could take down even the frattiest bro. Luckily for us, the trend on the horizon is the non-alcoholic cocktail. They emphasize authentic taste and, for some, even feelings of relaxation and joy. They talk the talk–but can they walk the walk (without a drunken stumble?) Here are 7 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to add to your Bar Cart:

1. Aplos 

This spirit was made for the people who appreciate the simple pleasure of a well-earned drink in the midst of our ever-changing lives. It not only gives people the ritual and taste of an alcoholic treat– it actually gives you the effects, too. This plant-based product is hemp-infused, which offers a calm and uplifting sensation, while having none of the negative effects of alcohol. It’s a perfect reminder that rewarding ourselves with a beverage shouldn’t come with consequences later.

Aplos Hemp-Infused Spirit

2. Kin Euphorics 

Kin Euphorics is turning the act of drinking, which used to be solely a mood booster, into something that is good for your body, too. Along with slight caffeination in some of the products, the key psychological enhancers are adaptogens and nootropics, both of which support a balanced headspace and cognitive function. Basically, the Kin Spritz is the brainchild of coffee and wine. If you need someone to trust on this, Bella Hadid, as the co-founder and partner of Kin Euphorics, makes it clear that this drink is the new staple that you have to get your hands on.

The Runway Insider: Kin Euphorics makes it even easier to get the perfect sip – take the quiz to match with the perfect kin to suit your needs.

Kin Euphorics Mood Booster

3. De Soi 

De Soi takes a page out of the traditional French ideals of pleasure and restraint. What could more perfectly encapsulate a mocktail? They keep with the genuine thread of this beloved pastime by excluding all artificial colors and flavors, steering clear of GMOs, and only using pure extracts. With the inclusion of adaptogens, this is another drink that will have you feeling good, and only good. Katy Perry, co-founder of De Soi, gives it her stamp of approval as a botanical, beneficial alternative to your typical aperitif.

De Soi all natural spirit

4. Seedlip 

This drink comes straight from the roots of history. Seedlip recognizes that long before plants were used to create the alcohol we enjoy, they were imperative in the concoctions that aided our bodies’ wellbeing. This brand aims to create non-alcoholic beverages which can have that impact again. We don’t have to rely on ginger shots and green juice to be healthy– with Seedlip’s cocktails, we can have our cake and eat it too. Even better, they provide a variety of different, classic cocktails so that we can have a good time whether we’re in the mood for a highball or a cosmopolitan.

Seedlip non-alcoholic spirit

5. Ghia 

For the majority of us, celebrating anything almost always includes a tag-along: drinking. Melanie, the founder of Ghia, appreciates the happiness and connection that alcohol brings, but not the numb feeling and negative side effects that tend to follow. This cocktail brand focuses on one main irony: the fact that we drink during the best of times, but that it can be hard to make those memories last when under the influence. Ghia provides a celebration of life while making sure that those moments count.

The Runway MUST BUY: Now, they even have a dessert-like drizzle that boasts the same effects as their aperitifs, giving you even more ways to celebrate.

Ghia non alcoholic spirit aperitif

6. Slow Luck 

Many alcohol enthusiasts will be pleased to hear that Slow Luck caters not only to the drinker, but to the ones making the drinks. As professional bartenders, they are intimately aware of the pitfalls of many non-alcoholic spirits on the market. Their goal is to make alcohol-free alternatives that not only taste great, but that also really work as substitutes for liquor when crafting cocktails. They even use some ingredients to imitate the slight burn you feel in your throat from a good drink.

The Runway Insider: For now, Slow Luck is focusing on their local community of Austin, Texas– however, they do occasionally offer selections on their website. But be ready, because when they start selling, they sell out fast!

Slow luck non alcoholic spirit

7. Ritual Zero Proof 

Ritual Zero Proof has a slightly different take on the purpose of non-alcoholic beverages. Their aim is not to replace alcohol, but to give people another option for occasions that would benefit from an alcohol-free drink. They aren’t trying to fake anything or say that alcohol is an unnecessary evil, but they are aware that different get-togethers call for different ways of celebrating. It gives us inspiration and mindfulness to have the freedom of planning events with many beverage possibilities to choose from. Ritual Zero Proof is making the world of alcohol your oyster, even if you’re using that oyster in a vodka-free shooter.

Ritual Zero Proof gin alternative