Published January 27, 2023 by Nick Rucker

Gifts for Men: Start Here

Gifting for men can often be complicated. Our advice? Keep it simple. We’ve compiled this list of no-frills everyday essentials to make your next gift-giving adventure hassle (and headache) free.

1. Beardbrand 

Beardbrand is a completely customizable beard care brand committed to helping men 'Keep on Growing.' They feature a full line of products crafted from high-quality ingredients that work with your body’s natural chemistry, promoting healthy beard growth and maintenance. Beardbrand’s Grooming Kit is an amazing value for the aspiring beardsman.

Beardbrand beard products

2. MVMT 

MVMT offers premium timepieces at an affordable price (starting at $98). MVMT boasts a design catalog of more than 20 unique watch collections, blue light eyewear, sunglasses and jewelry, ensuring that you’re ready for every occasion. Their legacy collection is a perfect everyday watch with a sophisticated look.

MVMT watches

3. Birddogs 

Birddogs bring the future of comfort to your new favorite pair of pants. Designed from the ground up their trousers feature built-in liners to keep your package secure. These pants aren’t only the perfect gift for him, but you’ll also love how great he looks when he’s walking in front of you.

Birddogs shorts

4. Bravo Sierra 

Bravo Sierra is the first personal care company tested under the extreme conditions of active U.S. military service with products dedicated to performance, service, integrity and inclusivity. The scent has been reported to make national guardsmen feel like wrestling a bear, and what more can you ask for in a deodorant? Bravo Sierra’s 3-pack deodorants will leave you smelling fresh all day out in the field.

Bravo Sierra personal care

5. Pact 

Pact is an all organic clothing line that brings fair trade wardrobe essentials to your front door. Dedicated to becoming Earth’s Favorite clothing company, Pact ensures sustainable production and carbon offset shipping. If you need to add next season’s essentials to your closet Pact’s Downtime Relaxed Sweatshirt has become our favorite sweatshirt.

Pact Clothing

6. Suitshop 

Looking for the right outfit for your next event? Suitshop has you covered with a multitude of color options and different fits to get that perfect tailored look. The Fit Finder uses machine learning to help you learn the fit for you removing the need to go to the store to get sized. Each suit piece is sold individually allowing you to find the right color and fit for you.


7. Ballsy 

You, your body, and your boys deserve better than the drug store body wash you’ve been using. Their Ballwash is made with high-quality ingredients that will leave your skin feeling refreshed and your boys smelling fresh. The Baller Bundle has everything you need to stay groomed from head to toe.

Ballsy mens grooming products

8. Huron 

We love Huron’s personal care products when we are traveling. Their customizable bundles allow you to build your own travel kit so you’re not without your skincare while on vacations.

Made in the USA without any harmful chemicals, Huron leaves you smelling and looking great with their custom lineup.

Huron personal care

9. Red Moose 

Red Moose is a shoe care brand driven by a mission. Their Red Steps program joy, warmth, and vital protection to America’s most vulnerable populations by donating socks and shoelaces with every purchase. Their shoe maintenance line is perfect for the sneaker head or the office professional, bringing you everything you need to keep your shoes looking pristine and genuine. The Complete Sneaker Restore Kit is what you need to restore your favorite old pair of white shoes.

Red Moose shoe polish

10. Paper Plane 

Paper Plane brings carefully curated fashion straight to your door. Offering bold, expressive, quality threads for your wardrobe, Paper Plane has everything you need to stay on upgrade status. The summer 2022 drop has exclusive looks that won’t be available much longer, the Flock Hoodie has been our favorite.

Paper Plane mens fashion